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About Us

AW Woodworks was born from the deep admiration of fine furniture & design.  We believe furniture can and should be an expression of individual style, and we strive to make quality custom pieces attainable for all those brave enough to break-free from the cookie-cutter approach.  Our Master Builder Jeremy Peterson has 17 years of experience designing and crafting bespoke furnishings and leads our team of fabricators as we create high quality, personalized pieces.

What we do:

At AW Woodworks our passion is to create custom heirloom furniture and decor with aesthetic beauty, durability & high standards of craftsmanship.  We use premium woods, metal, glass, upholstery, leather, concrete & stone to build bespoke pieces to fit our clients’  functional needs & design vision.  

Team Members:

Betsy Wilson: Owner & Head of In-house Collection

Jeremy Peterson: Master Builder & Head of Operations                          

Cooper Wilson: Builder

Jordan Madsen: Metal Fabrication 

Devan Wilson: Builder          

Gregory Palombo: Builder

Jake Parkinson: Jr. Builder



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